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Six BA 3-Way 2xHigh

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Say hello to the pinnacle of audio reproduction. So we got a bit carried away when we named this set of customs, but Unique Melody’s flagship monitor, the Miracle, is truly something to behold. Superb detail, clarity, and insight across the whole frequency spectrum, and all at a price competitive against rivals. What more could you possibly what from this six driver-per-ear beauty?

Employing a 3-way passive crossover, alongside dual drivers for the bass, mid-range and high frequencies, this custom earphone gives insight into your favourite music that was never before possible. Well, not at this price at least. But that in no way means you will be missing anything; countless reviews will tell you that the build quality, sound quality, comfort and isolation are simply peerless. The same reviews will also tell you that you that the punchy yet wonderfully tight bass, entrancing vocals, and sparkly highs will transport you to a new level of musical enjoyment.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the order page to find out how you too can finish your search for perfection. Never again will you need to go through several pairs of generic in-ears and find that there is always something missing.


Your customs are your own, any colour, any artwork – its that simple. You can choose separate colours for the tip, shell and faceplate of your earphone. Of course, there are lots of shades of red so we use a RAL colour code to standardise colours and get the best match!

You can even go wild and hit up one of our premium faceplate options including titanium, real wood, real carbon fibre and even crystal jade.

Visit our design page for more inspiration or jump right in and use our online customs builder to design your own set of custom earphones!

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Technical Specifications

Transducers Six Balanced Armature Drivers
Configuration Passive 3-Way crossover (Dual High, Dual Mid, Dual Low)
Frequency Range 18 Hz-19 kHz
Impedance 15.9 ohm
Sensitivity (1mW) 114 dB SPL
Noise Isolation -25 dB
Accessories 50″ Replaceable braided cable, Leather Carrying Pouch, Cleaning Tool
Warranty 2 year comprehensive warranty